Benefits Of Building A Career in NDA

NDA 2023-04-23

Benefits Of Building A Career in NDA

NDA offers you jobs as Army Officers, Navy Officers and Air Force Officers which provides both financial security and stability.

In the recent years, people are very well known about the choices and careers they choose well, talking about the job part, some might choose private sector jobs for financial security, but there are still youths that tend to serve for the nation and are ready to sacrifice comfortable life for the pride of nation.

NDA offers you jobs as Army Officers, Navy Officers and Air Force Officers which provides both financial security and stability. NDA (National Defense Academy) is one of those exam which can help you in getting these government jobs. Still, the NDA exams aren’t that easy to crack, but well they aren’t also impossible as it provides you the chance to join the Indian armed forces as a high-rank officer. 

Now let’s know, what is NDA? 

NDA  is an examination conducted by UPSC twice yearly. It is counted as one of the most challenging exam in India and popular among youngsters also. But candidates do not need to worry the best NDA coaching in Rajasthan is here at your service Rajasthan NDA Academy. We provide you the best you need to achieve success in NDA exam.

Why NDA  

NDA is the career field where the youth of India aspire to work in the nation’s service; NDA is suitable for candidates who respect their roles and responsibilities. Count of more than 4 lakh students every year apply, and only 480 seats are allotted; thus, the bar is set real high but practice, consistency, and hard work is the key to achieving anything you dream for.  And RNA being the best NDA academy in Rajasthan is here with you in your hardwork and to teach you to work smartly too.

How to clear NDA ?

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ can be the key mantra for clearing NDA exams. Keep on solving papers and mainly avoid delaying and start now. 


RNA provides you with proper test series and study materials.

Proper preparation, guidance, practice, and knowledge will surely lead you to your NDA Exam success.   

Here are some significant vital factors to cracking NDA:  


  • Make a timetable for all subjects  
  • Consistency in studies  
  • Do written practice as much as you can  
  • Make notes of important topics  
  • Clear your basic concepts and doubts  
  • Do yoga and exercise for peace of mind 

But tips just don’t always work. Also, coaching classes play a vital role in helping students clear NDA exams; thus, consider joining the  best residential NDA Coaching classes in  Rajasthan for your exam preparation. Qualified teachers and experienced candidates serve you an advantage of guidance that will surely help you to crack  NDA Exam. Rajasthan NDA Academy  is one of the best academy for students who really wants to join NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY because we are ready to face and overcome the difficulties with you.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits after selection in NDA: 

1. An excellent salary package and extraordinary benefits   

2. Pension after retirement; thus, you don’t need to rely upon anybody after the retirement  

3. A stable Job security  

4. A brave and respectful personality of the country that defines you as a high-rank officer  

5.Training and trips in different states and countries

Thus, stop dreaming and start working if you want to be selected for NDA. Joining the best NDA Classes in Jaipur, Rajasthan that won’t let you thrive alone, as it provides accurate guidance and methodologies to crack the NDA exam and supplements like all the latest mock test papers and books. 


Rajasthan NDA Academy serves you with the best NDA coaching in Rajasthan.


NDA exams are crucial for those people, who want to become a part of the Indian Army, Navy and Indian Airforce as a Officer. Every person wants to perform excellently in the NDA exams. However, the majority of the students face problems to clear these exams.

Here at Rajasthan NDA Academy we prepare you to overcome the difficulties faced by aspirants while preparing for NDA written examination.


You must prepare yourself for NDA exams by following these beneficial steps. 


Think about basics 


Subjects, such as Mathematics, English, and History and so on would be incorporated in the syllabus of NDA exams. You must have a basic knowledge of English grammar, sentence construction, the formula for solving sums of Mathematics, dates of world wars and many others. You must study for 8 to 9 hours for our NDA exams.


To enhance your knowledge of basics RNA provide perfect classroom programme. If you need notes and guidance of the qualified teachers to go ahead in life then why anywhere else, RNA is the missing part in your preparation.  


Dates and importance of tests


A perfect schedule is needed to complete the huge syllabus of NDA exams. You must keep on checking the website of the government’s website to know about the dates of these exams. If you have problems to study any subject, you must enrol yourself in the NDA exam coaching Classes soon. The teachers can suggest ways to go through any subject and what questions you must solve for your exams. Here at RNA, we  take weekly tests of students to test their knowledge and their performance with personal consultation with each and every student to find out where he/she is facing difficulty.


If you score well in most of the tests, you would crack NDA exams successfully because weekly tests at RNA are based completely on pattern of NDA examination.


Time of preparation and syllabus 


The students studying in standard 11 should start to prepare for NDA exams. It is a fact that the majority of the NDA syllabus would have similarities with the syllabuses taught in standards 10 or 12, One should focus on one's accuracy and speed while attempting questions in exam which is precisely taught in RNA with weekly sessions of aspirants by qualified teachers. The students appearing for NDA exams should make a notebook to prepare the notes from academic classes which should be made in such a handy way that whenever you go through it for revision it doesn't take much of your time.


If you start to take preparation for NDA exams from your school years, you may crack these exams in the first attempt and to completely make your success in NDA exams you must enroll in School Integrated Programme or Foundation course for NDA exam just after 10th.

Here at RNA we provide you with foundation course for NDA with proper scheduled classes , weekly tests with reports and physical training.


You must take Nda classes right now so that you would know what important questions you must prepare from previous question papers for the coming exams. The skilled teachers can guide you in completing your studies. 


Choice of books 


Numerous books are sold in the market to assist students to crack their NDA exams. However, you would not need every book to succeed in life. RNA provides you with study material which you need for success in NDA exam because teachers know which books would benefit the students and which books should be avoided. Our teachers  provide you with high-quality notes in the class so that you can answer all the questions in the examination hall. 

Current Affairs and Newspaper Reading 

General knowledge is needed to answer numerous questions in the NDA question papers. You must read books of GK (general knowledge) from now onwards if you are weak in this area. Every day you ought to


Go through the newspaper, news channels 
Read magazines about current affairs
Books of famous writers, who mainly write about current affairs, and so on.
RNA also provides you with updated books which saves your time as you won't need to go through different books then.

Fluency in speaking the English language


You should have profound knowledge in English otherwise you cannot do well in the NDA exams. Your prowess in the English language would not be tested in the written examination. However, you should talk fluently in English with the selectors when you would be selected for the interview. 


Classroom programme at RNA provides you with English Spoken classes which definitely will help you to increase your fluency in Language and will also help to improve your vocab.

Health and NDA 


The selection of new officers in the naval and army forces of India is done based on better performance in NDA exams and also on the selected candidate’s health and personality. The selected candidates must remain fit and healthy by eating nutritious food and clean drinking water.

Here at RNA we provide aspirants with best quality nutritious food and Physical training to keep you healthy and fit so you don't lag anywhere in your path to Success.
RNA wishes you best for your future and we are ready to lead you to path of Success.