Bracing yourself for SSB Interview?

NDA 2022-07-03

Bracing yourself for SSB Interview?

SSB is an abbreviation for Services Selection Board. The other name for the same is the “Intelligence and Personality test”.

What is SSB?

SSB is an abbreviation for Services Selection Board. The other name for the same is the “Intelligence and Personality test”. It is conducted by the SSB board, Defence Ministry. The candidates who have passed the first stage of either CDA or NDA exams are entitled to go through the mentioned interview. It is for a period of 5 days. It is designed in such a way that the physical and mental strength of the candidate is thoroughly assessed.

SSB Interview Preparation: Strategy

The motto of this specific interview is to select candidates for becoming officers. After following the standardised protocol of the evaluating system, the panel which consists of the officers of the Defence Academy picks the possibilities. There are 13 SSB(s) across India - 4 for the Indian Army, 4 for the Indian Air Force, and 5 for the Indian Navy.

Analyse the pattern of the SSB Interview

It is crucial to understand the pattern of the interview. It is spread across a period of 5 days and divided into 2 stages. The first stage is conducted on Day 1 wherein the candidates are meant to sit for two tests - Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and the Picture Perception Description Test (PP&DT). 

On Day 2, the selected candidates sit for Psychology tests.

On Day 3 and Day 4, group tasks like GD, elocution, etc., are assigned to the candidates.

On Day 5, an interview is held individually where self-introspective questions are asked and then a panel of 20 officers discusses and gives their opinion to recommend a candidate or not.

Practice - A key to success

Every one of the applicants needs to have the tests’ syllabus and content at their fingertips. One should be ready for the analytical tests, decision-making tests, and communication skill tests. Communication skills play a key role and thus one should be trained to be a good public speaker and must have the power of expression. Practising all these on a regular basis can help the candidate achieve the dream of getting through.

Stay Positive

When the personality of the applicant is analysed, optimism is expected to be present. The optimistic nature of the aspirant in the most cynical situation is critically analyzed. This virtue also paves the way for building self-confidence.

Current Affairs

Having an understanding of the world is a key feature of this interview. One must be aware of what is happening around him and around the world. International News, National News, latest trending News must be followed. This enhances both the knowledge and the vocabulary.

Retain in-depth knowledge about certain topics

Certain topics are recurring in the GD. Questions from Indian History, Indian politics, and forces one needs to join - Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy are asked on a frequent basis. 

Physical Fitness

Exercising must be a given priority by an applicant on a daily basis. At least an hour’s exercise will make sure that the physical and mental health of the aspirant is maintained. This proves to be of help in the GTO round which is the Group Testing Officer round.

Knowledge of the Native Place

There can be a series of questionnaires about the native place so one must be thorough with the historical events, population, language, ethnicity, governance, art, and culture. 

Final Words

The SSB Interview has a definite approach and style of its kind and thus the candidates must be fit both physically and mentally to crack the same. There are a number of institutes that provide all the source materials, information, and techniques to work for the preparation. SSB Interview Coaching in Jaipur stands out. Out of the lots, SSB NDA coaching: Rajasthan Defence Academy is the best Defence Defence Academy in Jaipur.