NDA Exam Maths Strategy

NDA 2023-04-27

NDA Exam Maths Strategy

NDA exam maths paper strategy where RNA will give you detailed strategy to score 150+ marks in NDA maths paper.

NDA exam maths paper strategy where RNA will give you detailed strategy to score 150+ marks in NDA maths paper. We will not keep any superficial target, instead will focus on getting around 50% marks and will achieve this aim at any cost. NDA preparation strategy is designed in such a way that 150+ score can be obtained by serious defence aspirants who are ready to work hard for his future endeavours.

RNA have designed a strategy to focus on clearing basic concepts first, so that attempting 58-64 correct questions will be easily possible. We will study only those relevant chapters of NCERT books which can lead you success.

NDA Exam Maths Strategy

We will cover A to Z preparation strategy of NDA Maths paper with every minute detail like:

  • Role of NCERT books in building foundation (to score 150+ needs conceptual clarity)
  • Which Maths NCERT Books to refer? And Important Chapters? (16 chapters only)
  • Which book is Best for NDA Maths paper? (Special NDA book)
  • How to complete Maths syllabus with practice in 6 months?
  • Month wise strategy for NDA Maths paper (Time constraint study)
  • Topic-wise weightage of NDA Maths paper
  • NDA Maths Syllabus wise important NCERT chapters you shouldn’t miss

So, without wasting any time, let’s begin NDA exam Maths Strategy which has been designed taking input from thousand’s of successful aspirants.

NDA Exam maths paper Realistic target setting

To score 150+ marks out of 300, we need to solve atleast 58-64 correct questions and maximum 5-6 wrong questions so that 150 score will be achieved with accuracy. Aiming 60 correct questions with 100% accuracy is far better than aiming attempt of 80 questions with no accuracy. Negative marking can ruin your NDA exam attempt, if you fail to maintain accuracy.

NDA Maths paper chapter-wise weightage 2023

Before starting actual preparation, we must be aware about exact chapter-wise weightage of NDA Maths paper so that we can give more priority to chapters yielding higher number of questions in actual NDA exam. Following chart is prepared by taking into consideration previous 2-3 years question papers (4-5 attempts) and latest exam trends. So, you can rely on it to choose priority of study.

Maths Topics    Exact number asked in exam    Marks    Weightage of topic in Maths paper

Differential Calculus and Integral calculus ~     24-26 Questions    

Trigonometry~    20-22 Questions

Algebra    ~ 20-22 question

Statistics and Probability ~    10-12 Questions    

Vector Algebra ~    8-10 questions
Analytical Geometry    ~ 18-20 Questions    

Determinant and Matrices ~    8-10 

Total    120 questions     

Make sure that you have mastered skill over topics above 15% weightage in NDA maths paper. Some topics like Determinant and Matrices, statistics, basic algebra questions, complex numbers, sets,etc are really simple ones which you need to solve at the beginning of paper to boost your confidence and then move towards difficult topics like integration, differentiation, area under the curve, analytical geometry, etc

Where to begin NDA Maths preparation?

We are going to follow 40-60 strategy for NDA Maths preparation. It means that 40% study will be from selective chapters of NCERT books and remaining 60% study from specialized NDA Maths preparation book.

80-85% aspirants directly start their preparation from NDA Maths preparation book which is not the correct approach. Special NDA preparation books are helpful for getting exam oriented questions, but the theory of each and every topic must be cleared from NCERT books only. (at any cost)

Things you must know before studying from NCERT Books?

1. NCERT books will give 200% results if you solve each and every exercise as a test.
2. Solution of every NCERT Book question is available free on google. You can refer it while studying.
3. Direct questions can be seen from NCERT Maths important chapters.
4. NCERT study will be helpful in Board exams as well as other Entrance exams.
5. Once these NCERT chapters are done, NDA Maths book will be a smooth walk for you.

Last stage of NDA Maths preparation strategy 

Last stage of NDA maths preparation strategy is to solve minimum 10 full length NDA Maths papers at RNA in time constraint. It is necessary to be exam friendly and analyse mistakes you commonly do. Do all the mistakes in practice test so that there will be no chances of mistake during actual NDA exam.

All previous year papers will provided in RNA's books.

Everyone can solve Majority of questions if there is no time limit. Main challenge is to solve questions with accuracy in a given time frame, which needs good question practice.

You can also use NDA and NA Previous year question paper book for regular practice. 

Following this strategy most of the RNA's students score 150+ Marks. 
That's why RNA is considered as one of the best NDA coching in India. Here you will get definite success and you will be capable of achieve your goal of clearing NDA.