RNA'S NDA Foundation course after 10th

NDA 2023-04-23

RNA'S NDA Foundation course after 10th

Rajasthan NDA Academy offers NDA foundation course/school integrated programme (SIP) to NDA aspirants for more than 5 years.

Rajasthan NDA Academy offers NDA foundation course/school integrated programme (SIP) to NDA aspirants for more than 5 years. It gives us an opportunity to help students, who have passed class 10th, develope a spark so that they may become torch bearers of the nation. In this enterprise young minds will be helped by some of the most passionate and qualified teachers.

What is NDA SIP


The NDA foundation coaching after 10th is for NDA exam preparation along with schooling. NDA Foundation or School integrated Program help students in building and preparing the necessary sets of skills required to clear NDA exam. Join asap to the best NDA coaching in India.

NDA Foundation Course/SIP is a two year Foundation Course for students who have passed high school (10th) and have keen interest in joining Defence forces along with scoring good marks in 12th board exam and RNA has been leading this field since years and making their students their topmost priority.

The first-year students are given exhaustive theoretical knowledge in their classrooms along with well-graded assignment sheets for the AIR-based exams.


What RNA's Foundation Covers


NDA Foundation course/SIP covers the school as well as NDA syllabus. We build a strong foundation with proper mindset with the help of a competitive environment. We follow CBSE board and take NCERT course into consideration.

Rajasthan NDA Academy's SIP team is highly qualified and experienced even the study material is developed under their expert care. Teachers are well informed.

RNA provide a complete academic curriculum for students to make NDA and boards easy for them.


Benefits of RNA's SIP


Under RNA’S school integrated programme (SIP) after 10th, we prepare responsive, fit, ethical and morally strong scholars who will ace NDA examination for sure. 

How ? you ask .

Academics being the most important part is not the only part of preparation and we of all do understand that, hence RNA take care that the following skills and qualities are cultivated and imbibed –

  • Physical fitness and mental wellness
  • Management skills
  • A well groomed personality
  • Leadership aptitude
  • A good academician
  • Communication skills

‘Rajasthan NDA Academy‘ has unique and proficient team to target and develop each of the above mentioned skills and qualities.

A Brief Note On RNA’s Daily Schedule:

Schedule on week days

  • Lights on at 5:30 followed by physical training.
  • 4 lectures of school curriculum ( P, C, M and E)
  • 3 lectures of NDA ( MATHS, ENGLISH and GK)
  • 1.5 hours for sports in the evening .
  • self study in library
  • 11:15 lights off

SSB classes
Personality development classes
Spoken English classes

if you are considering joining armed forces as officers then consider joining ‘Rajasthan NDA Academy’ just after passing class 10th, we will make sure that you have memorable 2 years. RNA is considered as the best place for best NDA coaching after 10th in RAJASTHAN.

Reason Why NDA Foundation Course Should Be Done After 10th


A candidate becomes eligible for NDA (2) when he/she is in 12th class. NDA (2) is conducted around the month of September. If the aspirant starts preparing from 11th he can clear NDA exam easily while he/she is in 12th class. 

After 10th the candidate has 2 years to prepare and hone his/her communication skills, personality and other OLQs for SSB, for which otherwise the candidate wont have much time.

One can join coaching institute that offer preparation for NDA entrance . Do check their fee structure if you cant afford expensive foundation courses. You can also prepare for defence exams if you have the caliber by your own.


Why RNA is the best Foundation coaching in Rajasthan after 10th Class?


We have a team of highly experienced and qualifies faculty for preparing the students for the NDA Foundation coaching. Thus, we can provide them with proper guidance to yield the best from each of them.
We at Rajasthan NDA Academy sport a fully equipped library that offers more than a thousand books and materials relevant to cracking the Defence examinations. They are in sequence with the latest syllabus. Students can easily access these books and reference materials at their preferred time. This is something that several other institutes fail to provide their students.

We provide on-campus study rooms to provide students with a quiet environment that is necessary for students. It helps to create a perfect atmosphere for the students to self-study and give themselves some time to prepare for the exams. 

Rajasthan NDA Academy, unlike most of its competitors, possesses a teaching wizard who often takes few motivational classes (mostly in regular intervals) to boost the morale of each student. He gives some inspirational lessons and shares some noteworthy experiences which help students to remain focused on achieving their goals. For this reason our academy is counted as the best NDA foundation coaching in Rajasthan.


 At this point you might ask- What is the fees of NDA coaching? Well, fee is different as per the course type/ duration. Please feel free to submit your query through enquiry form. We will get in touch asap.