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NDA 2023-04-27

Strategy for Paper 2 ( GAT) | Rajasthan NDA Academy

NDA Exam consists of two papers- 1. Math and 2. GAT(General Ability Test). Math consists of 120 Questions and Candidates have 150 minutes to solve the paper.

NDA Exam consists of two papers- 1. Math and 2. GAT(General Ability Test). Math consists of 120 Questions and Candidates have 150 minutes to solve the paper. GAT consists of 150 Questions and Candidates have 150 minutes to solve the paper. Math Paper is of 300 Marks and GAT is of 600 Marks.

Strategy for Paper 2 ( GAT ) 

1. Prepare the Basics First

Section A has 50 questions related to English subject. This section is mandatory for everyone to qualify i.e., around 15 to 20 questions out of 50 questions, you have to solve with 100% accuracy, only then you can qualify it. 

Topics such as passage, close test, sentence rearrangement, one-word submission, grammar, antonym, synonym, etc. can be prepared very easily and are used for scoring purposes.

Focus on clearing the basics of English grammar first, but do not spend much time on it. Use the previous year’s question papers to study as the questions are often repeated. Practice grammar rule-exception based questions. RNA's English books have sufficient questions for practice.

2. Solve Previous Year’s Paper

You can get the previous 2-3 exam papers in RNA's books and practice them regularly. This will give you an idea about the exam and will help you with time management. This is a great way to prepare for your NDA. A candidate should remain calm during NDA preparation. Proper discipline should be maintained until the end of the examination. 

Understand the nature of questions deeply and try to remember them, because many questions are asked again in the paper based on the same concept. Remember that the exam can be passed only by securing a minimum of 30 percent marks in each paper and section.

Rajasthan NDA Academy's books are extremely accurate and have helped many aspirants over the years. RNA is the best NDA coaching in Rajasthan.

3. Analyze the Weight-Age

When it comes to science sections, the maximum weight of marks is given by the section on Physics. Also, the physics section has fewer numerical and more conceptual questions. 

Therefore, clarify the basic concepts and remember them from the question banks. Do not waste time trying to learn everything from textbooks. Instead, study through the solved question papers and RNA's books to know more questions and just remember what is required to crack the exam. Learn about technology and applications of new technology development. 

It is also relevant to the section on chemistry. Recently, UPSC has covered questions based on biochemistry and the latest advances in the field of chemistry. We suggest that there be separate question banks for competitive exams like NDA to prepare science subjects. 

Give an Online Test before the actual exam to remove every single doubt about your preparation. Choose Rajasthan NDA Academy’s most preferred plans and find the best material, among others.

4. Know the Syllabus

Before you start preparing for the NDA exam, you should get to know the syllabus well. To know what you should study. The candidates have to prepare six sections for this paper. General Science, Indian History, Geography, Current Affairs, Physics, and Chemistry.

5. Improve your General Knowledge

Be fully aware of current affairs, and keep an eye on the day to day events happening around you. It will always prove beneficial and will give you an edge over others in the exam. Candidates should keep track of the currents trends in the niche of sports, culture, society, health, arts, and technology.

Candidates should prepare subjects like Indian freedom struggle from NCERT lessons. And also short summary in RNA's history book.
RNA's books are considered as best books.

Read daily national and international events through newspapers provided every morning in RNA's campus. 

6. Maintain your Health

Work on your health continuously as it is an important factor for the qualification of the NDA exam. It enhances your personality and positively impacts the selectors as health plays an important role in the National Defense Academy.

Candidates who want to prepare for the NDA exam think that the NDA recruitment exam is very tough. But if you really want to prepare for NDA, then you have to prepare for it wholeheartedly. 

Looking at the various syllabus of the examination may cause anxiety and confusion, and it is clear that it is difficult to read everything from the syllabus. Of course, a lot of effort and hard work will be required. But if you have everything organized, then join Rajasthan NDA academy Jaipur the best residential academy.

If you do this, then everything will prepare you well at the time of examination. You just need to take the initiative, and the road ahead will automatically be visible.