The Ultimate NDA Preparation Tips for 2023

NDA 2023-04-06

The Ultimate NDA Preparation Tips for 2023

Planning and Preparation are two important factors to crack any exam. The preparation tips for NDA 2023 Exam below.

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the National Defence Academy or NDA exam twice a year for admission to the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the NDA, as well as the Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC). The selection of eligible candidates will be done through a written examination and SSB interviews.


NDA Preparation Tips 2023

Planning and Preparation are two important factors to crack any exam. The preparation tips for NDA 2023 Exam below:

Be thorough with the syllabus & exam pattern: Make sure to go through the NDA exam pattern. Then have a clear understanding of the NDA syllabus – know the various concepts included in the syllabus. Once candidates have explicit knowledge of the syllabus and exam pattern, they will find it easier to plan the preparation.


Prioritize tasks: Categorize the different concepts in the syllabus into complex and easy concepts. Also, the relevance to the exam must be taken into consideration. Try to focus on the difficult and important concepts for the exam. Spend more time on these concepts and practice them more.

Create a realistic timetable: Allocate time for each activity, like learning new concepts, solving practice questions, and revision. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals so that candidates can complete the syllabus on time. Also gave some time to your favourite sports and do some exercise which makes you physically fit.


Clear the basics: Start by brushing up on the theories of concepts that has been already finished. Clear the basics of those which candidates are not confident in or haven’t studied before.


Making Notes of Important Topic: Make notes of or at least highlight the equations, formulas, etc. Go through the notes and practice them regularly until they are familiar. Visuals have longer tendencies to stay in mind. So, please practice drawings as well. Make notes from the NDA Books  given by RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY

Practice diligently: Every time candidates finish a chapter, solve as many practice questions and DDP provided you at RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY. Maintain a separate notebook for practising. It will help a lot in last-minute revision. Mark the questions that are challenging to practice later. Mastering a specific concept will happen gradually as candidates revise and practice.

Revise regularly: Make sure candidates revise what has been learned on a regular basis. The best way to revise is to take small tests in English and GK. For Physics, Chemistry and Maths, candidates can solve Class 12 PCM Practice Questions. Go through the RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY's notes, practice notebooks, and practice the difficult formulas and questions. After that clear all your doubts in doubt classes.


Finish the easy topics first: With time in hand, go for the easier topics first because candidates will be able to finish them fast and have enough time left for difficult topics. It will ensure they finish most of the syllabus.


Take a sufficient number of mock tests: Mock test is the most effective way to improve preparation. These tests will help in a thorough understanding of the actual test. RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY provide weekly mock test to check the performance of candidates. 

Candidate have to analyze every question of mock test with teacher and clear doubts in class.


Mathematics (Paper – 1)


Calculus (Integration and Differentiation) has to be covered first. If candidates check the previous year’s papers, they will get at least 30 questions that were asked from these two chapters. These two chapters are very scoring and recommendable. The candidates who do not have Mathematics in their higher secondary level will have to cover the basics first. Therefore spend at least 2 or 3 hours on these two chapters every day. Refer to the NCERT Mathematics books or RD Sharma and RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY's class notes.

The second most important chapter are Matrices, straight lines, and 3D Geometry. At least 10 questions will come from these chapters. Finish Arithmetic Progressions, Geometric Progressions, Probability, and Trigonometry as well. If candidates finish all these chapters, then they will cover 120 question.


General Ability Test (Paper- 2)


For General Ability, brush up on History, Polity, and Geography and brush up on high school’s NCERT textbooks. For Physics and Chemistry, RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY provides you more than sufficient study materials.

UPSC NDA 2023: Last-minute Preparation Tips

  • Ensure to revise all the topics that have been learned so far.
  • Try to attempt questions from the stronger areas.
  • To avoid negative markings, candidates must maintain their accuracy.
  • Time management is critical. If candidates are unable to answer a question quickly, solve them later.
  • Candidates should not skip over the easier questions because of time constraints.
  • Don’t leave too many questions to mark at the end. Revise last minute notice and important questions provided to the candidate at RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY.




Q.1: What is the ideal time for NDA preparation?
Ans: The ideal time for preparing for NDA exam is at least 1 year prior to the release date of notification.

Q.2: How can I prepare for NDA?
Ans: Candidates should go through the NDA syllabus and exam pattern to start the preparation. Also, solve practice RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY's   questions and mock tests.

Q.3: What are the important topics for General Knowledge?
Ans: The most important topics for GK are General Science, Indian History, Physics, Geography, Chemistry and Current Events.

Q.4: What are the important topics for Maths for NDA exam?
Ans: Some of the important topics for Maths are Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Algebra, Vector Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Analytical Geometry, Statistics & Probability.

Q.5: Where can I practice NDA mock tests for free?
Ans: Candidates can practice free NDA mock tests at RAJASTHAN NDA ACADEMY's telegram channel


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